GENDERS promotes interdisciplinary research on gender inequalities in scientific careers and, more generally, at work and in organisations, as well as critical engagement with and contribution to theoretical and empirical research on rights, non-discrimination, and intersectionality. On this page, you can read about past and ongoing research projects conducted by GENDERS members.

MiDi Work: Migrant Digital Work

Migrant Digital work – MiDi Work – is a research project that aims to explore migrant labour within the gig economy. Focusing on low-wage services and sectors, the main aim...

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Gender Equality Plan – A project work

A Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is a strategic document designed to promote gender equality within organisations. The new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation reaffirmed the European Commission commitment to...

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100 women against stereotypes

The project was promoted by the Pavia Observatory and the GiULiA Association of Journalists. The project resulted in the development of a database, a useful research tool for both media...

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PRAGES – Practising gender equality in science

The PRAGES project aimed at analysing existing practices to support universities and research institutes, both in European and extra-European (Australia, Canada, USA) countries, willing to implement gender-equality oriented measures in...

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The research activities and actions under the project Universidonna Lombardia (Fse 296072) were carried out in 2006-2007 by three Lombardy universities – the University of Milan, the Milan Polytechnic, and...

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