CENTRA – il Controllo Economico Non Ti Rende Autonoma. Recognising economic violence: a step towards freedom of choice.

The project investigated the role and perception of the economic factor in intimate partner relationships through a comparative study among women victims of domestic violence, women undergoing divorce, and a control group.

The CENTRA project consisted of two research phases, one qualitative and one quantitative, the latter conducted by tGENDERS. The quantitative study investigated economic violence and the role played by the economic dimension in abusive relationships. The questionnaire addressed women aged between 35 and 50 who – at the time of the interview – were in a stable relationship or had ended one no more than five years earlier.

Partnership: The project was coordinated by SVSeD (Regional Reference Centre for Sexual Violence), in partnership with the Genders Research Centre

Funding: The project was funded by the Equal Opportunities Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the frame of a funding programme aimed at preventing and combating violence against women, in compliance with the 2017 Istanbul Convention.

Research Team

  • Department of Social and Political Sciences:
    • Giulia Abbate (Project Manager)
    • Bianca Beccalli
    • Luisa Leonini
    • Cinzia Meraviglia (Scientific Coordinator)