Integrating Gender in Precision Medicine: Innovative social, professional and research practices

The project ‘Integrating Gender in Precision Medicine: Innovative social, professional and re-search practices’ was aimed at favouring and accelerating the development of gender-sensitive biomedical research and clinical practices in Italy and Lombardy, and from the perspective of supporting the development of precision medicine. 

The project was based on a piece of participatory action research which included two intersecting research fields. First, a meta-analysis on three cancer types (colon, head and neck, melanoma) led by the IEO research team, with the purpose of identifying the sex- and gender-related factors connected to their incidence, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome. A systematic literature review followed by qualitative research fieldwork at the IEO foundation was conducted by the Genders research team, which aimed to promote the adoption of a gender perspective in research practice and clinical work.

Partnership: The project was coordinated by the IEO-CCM Foundation (European Institute of Oncology Foundation) in partnership with the Genders Research Centre.

Funding: It was funded from April 2020 to September 2022 by the Fondazione CARIPLO under the call ‘Ricerca Sociale 2019’.

Research Team

  • Department of Social and Political Sciences:
    • Antonio Chiesi
    • Daniela Falcinelli
    • Camilla Gaiaschi (PI for the University of Milan)
    • Luisa Leonini
    • Emanuela Naclerio
    • Camilla Veneri
  • University of Milan – HR Division:
    • Daniela Falcinelli