Latin American community and Italian institutions united. Helping women to break the silence

The project sought to tackle the complex issue of domestic violence with dedicated services, addressing the level of awareness about gender-based violence in the migrant Latin American community. The following activities were realised:

  • Creation of a model for consular services aiming to prevent and manage gender-based violence cases.
  • Launch of a widespread network in the Latin American population to enhance the level of awareness about the issue of violence and participation in the actions of the project.
  • Elaboration of dissemination materials and enhancement of communication tools directed at women.
  • Network building and consolidation of relationships among the different local actors.
  • Training activities.
  • Analysis of the issues raised by the project and dissemination of the results.

The outcomes of the project are available here:

Partnership: The project was promoted by the Associazione Anacaona Mujeres Dominicanas in Italia – APS, in partnership with other institutions: Consulates in Milan of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Funding: It was funded and realised within the framework of the regional initiative ‘Designing equality in Lombardy – 2016’.

Research Team

  • Department of Social and Political Sciences:
    • Giulia Abbate (Project Manager)
    • Bianca Beccalli
    • Luisa Leonini, (Scientific Coordinator)
    • Cinzia Meraviglia